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Extra goods Arafes & 24h TV!!
I have some extra goods of Arafes & 24h TV!!
Prices don't include shipping fees.
Goods will be shipped from me (France) to you.

Goods LOVE:
- Mini Uchiwa (group): 14€ 6€ x1
- Photos Set (group): 14€ 9€ x1
- Fluffy Stickers: 16€ 7€ x1
- Ribbon Bracelet (red): 22€ 12€ x1
- Pouch: 29€ 19€ x2
- Pamphlet: 34€ 29€ x1
- Shopping Bag: 34€ 24€ x1

Goods ARAFES 2013:
- Beads Cushion: 39€ x1
- Tshirt: 42€ 32€ x2
- Cup & ice Tray (Orangex2/Redx1/Bluex1): 25€ 15€
- Photo set: 14€ x1
- Shopping Bag: 30€ 25€ x1
- Key Cover Set: 22€ 17€ x1 (without the red one)
- Uchiwa: 20€ 8€ x1
- Hooded Long Muffler Towel: 40€ 30€ x1
- Penlight: 30€ 20€ x1
- Bag 2012: 20€

Goods 24h TV:

- Tshirt (S/yellow x1; S/blue; M/pink): 30€ 20€
- Mascot Strap: 22€ 12€
- Charity Band (white): 20€ 10€
- Charity Bag (blue one): 25€ 15€
- Tote bag (white one): 25€

- DVD AAA 2008 in Tokyo (RE): 30€
- Tshirt Arafes 2012: 39€
- Photobook Arashi Around Asia: 30€

- DVD Popcorn (RE): 30€
- Single "Bittersweet" (LE): 19€
- Single "GUTS!" (RE): 8€

Official Photos Shop (Love): 1€ (each) NEW
1 2
3 4

Official Photos Shop (Bittersweet): 2€ (each) NEW
1 2
3 4 5
6 7 8


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Hello ^^ can I ask you If you know the shipping cost of 24htv shirt to Italy?

Hello! Thank you for your interest!
Shipping fees for one tshirt:
- Economic way (without tracking number): 4,10€
- Registered Mail (with tracking number): 8,40€

What color do you want? Because the yellow one is already taken.

(Screened comment)
Hi there! I still have some cushions! Do you want a shipping with tracking number or not?

I'm interested with the pink T-shirt of 24h TV, this color is still available ?

Sorry for the late answer and yes, the pink one is still available.
Shipping fees for one tshirt:
- Economic way (without tracking number): 4,10€
- Registered Mail (with tracking number): 8,40€

Edited at 2013-10-10 10:05 am (UTC)

i would LOOOOVEEEE to buy the cushion

hi! i'm AJ from Malaysia... i would like to buy the beads cushion x 2... is it still available?

Re: i would LOOOOVEEEE to buy the cushion

Hi there!
I have 1 cushion available (still waiting for a reply for a cushion), so for now, I have 1 cushion maybe 2 if the person don't want it anymore. And for information one cushion = 39€ (without shipping fees) Thanks~

Hi dear,
I´m from Perú, the beads cushion x2 is still available? and the price include 2 units, right? Please let me know,


Hi there!
Others persons are asked for cushions, I'm waiting for their replies and if they don't want it anymore the cushion(s) are for you! Thanx!

Hello, I am interested to buy the AraFes Photo set. However, I would llove to know what pictures it includes like how many and if it's just a group picture or indivudual pictures...
The shipping would be to Germany. Could you please tell me how much that would be?

Thank you already for answering those questions! <3

There are 4 photos in the set, 2 of the group, one with Nino and Sho and the last one with the others. You can easily find pictures of this on google.
Do you prefer:
- Economic way (without tracking number): 2€
- Registered Airmail (with tracking number): 6€

Goods ARAFES is it for 2012 or 2013 ?

I'm interested in :
- Tshirt: 42€
- Shopping Bag: 30€

how does it cost to Saudi Arabia ?

Arafes 2013. These 2 goods for Saudi Arabia:
- Economic way: 8,40€ (without tracking number)
- Registered airmail: 12,70€ (with tracking number)

I'm interested in the 2013 small yellow 24h tv shirt, if it's still available. I'm in the east coast in America, new york/new jersey area. I've never actually ordered from any seller here before so let me know the eitquette. I do have a paypal.

Hi there!
About shipping fees for the tshirt:
- Economic way: 6€ (without tracking number)
- Registered Airmail: 10€ (with tracking number)

Hi there,
I'm interested in the ribbon bracelets.
So is it a set of all the 5 colors, or is it individual?
Thank you!

Hi there!
It's the 5 bracelets except the blue one.
You can choose the one(s) you want! ^^
And 17€ it's for ONE bracelet.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Hello ^^!

Je suis très intéressée par cet article:

- Tshirts 24h TV: 15€
* 2013: blue S

Est-ce qu'il est toujours disponible? :)
Si oui, serait-il possible de l'avoir avec le single "Monsters"?

Merci beaucoup ^^

Oui ces deux goodies sont toujours dispo.
Niveau frais de port:
- Envoi normal: 2,40€ (sans suivi)
- Colissimo: 5,80€ (avec suivi)

Is Nazotoki bag still available? How much shipping to Malaysia?
Also, since you state it is not your picture, can you post your own picture?


Hello there!
Yes it's still available. I've updated the picture of the Nazotoki bag.
But first, do you want me to ship the bag in a envelope or in a package?
Because the fees are a little different.

(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
Hi there!
Thank you for your new order!
Where are you come from? (I don't remember...)

(Screened comment)
Hey there!

Is the pink cup&ice tray still available at 20€?

How much for the shipping to Spain?

Hi there!
Yes, it's still available.
About shipping:
- Economic way: 5€ (without tracking number)
- Colissimo (=EMS): 16,20€ (with tracking number)

Salut ^____^ !

Je suis très intéressée par cet article :

"Goods LOVE: NEW
- Mini Uchiwa (5 members except Ohno and group): 14€ => 9€ (each) x5"

Est-ce que celui de Sho est toujours disponible? :)

Merci beaucoup ^^

Oui celui de Sho est toujours dispo! Il n'y a que celui d'Ohno qui ne l'est plus.
Voilà voilà~

Hello! Can I please have the Arafes shopping bag?? PM me with the price including postage to South Australia please :)

Edited at 2014-02-13 12:36 am (UTC)

Hi there!
Are you talking about the Arafes bag of 2012 or 2013? Because I have both of them. ^^


Are you still selling this: Cup & ice Tray (Orangex2/Redx3): 20€
Is this 1 cup plus 1 silicon mold together for 20 Euro (excl shipping)?

Greetings from Austria~~

Hi there!
Yes, it's 1 cup plus 1 silicon mold together for 20€.
How many and which color are you interested in?

ARAFES 2013 Cup+Ice tray

Bonjour !

Vous reste-t-il des verres et des moules à glaçons des ARAFES 2013 ?

Merci d'avance !

Re: ARAFES 2013 Cup+Ice tray

Oui, 2 oranges et 3 rouges!


How much would, Love RED ribbon and Arafes 13 Cup & ice Tray to Sweden cost? Zip 16868.


To Sweden:
- EMS: 16€ (with a tracking number)
- Registered Airmail: 9€ (with a tracking number)
- SAL: 4,70€ (without a tracking number)


Je suis intéressée par certains articles, mais je voulais savoir si tu étais d’île-de-France et si tu faisais de la remise en main propre?
Sinon je suis intéressée par:
Cup & ice Tray (Red): 15€ (un seul)
- Hooded Long Muffler Towel: 30€ x1



Non je ne suis pas d'île-de-France malheureusement.
C'est 6€ l'envoi pour un colissimo.


If it's still available, how much for love Jun uchiwa, love group uchiwa and fluffy stickers shipped to Belgium please?

Yes, these 3 items are still available. (Je sais pas si tu parles français?)
Here the shipping fees:
- Economic way (without tracking number) / Lettre prioritaire sans suivi: 2€
- Registered Airmail (with a tracking number) / Lettre prioritaire avec suivi: 6,50€


I'm interested in the Ribbon Bracelet (red) and the Arafes'13 Penlight. Are they still available?
How much would the shipping to Germany be?

Thank you!

Hi there!

Yes, these goods are still available.
- Economic way (without tracking number): 4€
- Registered Airmail (with a tracking number): 8,50€
- EMS (with a tracking number): 16€


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