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Arashi Goods
All prices don't included shipping fees.
All goods are shipped from France.
Only paypal is accepted.

Japonism Goods:
- Tshirt: 39€ x1
- Poster (group): 20€ x2
- Masking tape (red): 19€ x2
- 2016 Calendar: 29€ x2
- Shopping Bag: 29€ x1
- Pamphlet: 35€ x1

Hawaii Blast Goods & Miyagi Blast Goods:
- Clearfile (group Hawaii): 16€ x1
- Uchiwa (Hawaii): 19€ x1 -> 9,5€ (-50%)
- Tshirt (Hawaii): 39€ x1 -> 31,2€ (-20%)
- Tshirts (Miyagi/Kaki): 39€ x1
- Shopping Bag (Miyagi): 39€ x1
- Penlight Bracelet (Miyagi): 19€ x1

Arafes '13 Goods & The Digitalian Goods & 24h TV Goods:
- Stickers (Arafes): 9€
- Shopping Bag (Digitalian): 29€ x1 -> 14,5€ (-50%)
- Tshirt 24h TV (S/yellow): 20€ x1 -> 10€ (-50%)
- Mascot Strap (24h TV): 9€ x2
- Charity Band (white):10€ x1
- Charity Bag (blue one): 15€ x1
- Bracelet (24h TV): 10€ x1
- Pencil (24h TV): 5€ x1
- AAA Tshirt (yellow): 35€ x1
- 24h TV Tshirt (pink M):
39€ x1 NEW
- kimi to boku... 2010 Tshirt: 39€ x1 NEW

Waku Waku Goods:
- Masking Tape: 5x1 -> 2,5€ (-50%)
- Post it Set: 5€ x1 -> 2,5€ (-50%)

- Clear File (group/5 members): 9€ x6
- Shopping Bag 2015: 29€ x1

Kat-tun & NEWS Goods:
- Bag Kat-tun (New Year 2014): 9€ x1
- Slippers NEWS (White tour 2015): 25€ x2
- Shopping bag NEWS (White Tour 2015): 30€ x1

- DVD "Love Tour" LE: 45€ x1
- DVD "5x10": 39€ x1
- Single "Bittersweet" LE: 15€ x1

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I would be interested in the Kokuritsu photobook and the Blast Tote Bag. Are they still available? And how much would the shipping to Germany be?

Thank you. ^_^

Hi there!

Yes, they still available.
For the shipping to Germany:
- Without tracking number: 10€
- With a tracking number: 14€

(Screened comment)
How much would shipping be to New York for the Pink 24TV shirt? :)

Hi there!

The shipping to USA:
- Without tracking number: 6 euro
- With a tracking number: 10 euro
- EMS: 25 euro

Hi again I've just sent you a pm and only saw afterwards that you still have the fluffy stickers from LOVE tour available is that right???
I'd be interested in those too :)

Hi again! ^^
The fluffy stickers are still available.
Do you want to take it?

If the Blue Brooch from Digitalian is still available I am interested. It's the only one that I am missing.

Hi there,

yes, the blue brooch is still available. Where are you living?

hey!! how much would be the shipping cost for that yellow 24hr tv shirt to be shipped to finland? and is it still available? :)
- Mala

Hi there! To Finland:

- Economic shipping (no tracking number): 4,70€
- Registered Airmail (tracking number): 7,90€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 12,30€

If you want a shipping against sign, please ask.

I'm interested in KAT-TUN bag. How much will be shipping to Latvia?

Edited at 2015-12-03 10:47 am (UTC)

Hi there! To Latvia:
Note: I can't bend the bag so I have to use a parcel.

- Colissimo (like EMS): 12,15€

Unless you want me to bend the bag. I could use a simple envelope.
If you want a shipping against sign, please ask.

Hi! Do you still have the digitalian shopping bag?
If yes, how much is the shipping fee to Italy?

Hi! Yes, I still have the digitalian shopping bag.
About the shipping to Italy:
- Economic way (without tracking number): 9€
- Registered Airmail (tracking number): 12€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 14€

If you want a shipping against sign it's possible, just ask ^^

Hello there! :)

I'm interested in the
Wakuwaku school Masking Tape and Post it Set,
How much would the shipping be to the UK? :)

Hi there!

About the shipping to UK:
- Economic way (without tracking number): 2€
- Registered Airmail (tracking number): 5,20€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 12,15€

If you want a shipping against sign it's possible, just ask ^^

Est-ce que Tshirt 24h TV (S/yellow) reste encore?

Oui ce tshirt est encore dispo.
Les frais de port pour la France:
- Envoi sans suivi: 2,80€
- Envoi avec suivi: 3,35€
- Colissimo: 5,70€

Si tu veux un envoi contre signature, demande-le.

Hi! I'll take the waku waku clearfiles, one of every member and the group one to Belgium.

Hi there!

About the shipping to Belgium:
- Economic way (without tracking number): 5,50€
- Registered Airmail (tracking number): 8,70€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 13,15€

If you want a simple envelope it's one euro less to each price.
If you want cardboard around the clearfiles to protect them:
- Economic way (without tracking number): 8€
- Registered Airmail (tracking number): 11,20€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 13,15€

If you want a shipping against sign it's possible, just ask ^^

No problem, I'll sent you the address again with a pm.
For the bag you're's better if I wait and have it sent with the japonism goods.
Thanks! ^^

How much is shipping to Spain? Japonism Calendar 2016 (specifically to Murcia)

To Spain in a simple envelope with bubbles:
- Shipping without tracking number: 4,80€
- Shipping with tracking number: 8€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 12,35€

To Spain in a little parcel:
- Shipping without tracking number: 4,50€
- Shipping with tracking number: 7,70€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 12,15€

You also can choose a shipping against sign.


I wanted to check if AAA Tshirt (yellow): 35€ x1  is still available and if so how much would it be to send it to nv 89101 usa?


Yes, the AAA tshirt is still available, here the shipping fees:

With a envelope:
- Shipping without a tracking number: 6,25€
- Shipping with a tracking number: 9,45€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 23,70€

With a parcel:
- Shipping without a tracking number: 10€
- Shipping with a tracking number: 13,20€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 23,70€

Hi, is the Love Tour DVD still available? If yes, how much would shipping be to Germany? Thanks in advance.

Hi! Yes, the Love tour DVD is still available.

Here the shipping fees to Germany:
- Without a tracking number: 8€
- With a tracking number: 11,20€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 12,15€

You also can choose shipping against sign.
Tell me your choice! ^^

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