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Arashi Tickets
Arashi "Japonism" Tour tickets are out on the website!!
If you want, I can help you to buy tickets.
Leave just a message here!

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Hi, can you help me purchase 2 tickets for their Nagoya concert (Nov 6) please?

Hi i sent you a message.

Please can you help me to find 3 tickets for Fukuoka? 17 please!

Sorry I forgot log in XDD
Please I want 3 tickets for Fukuoka 17/12 please

Hi there!

First, do you want unknown seats tickets or the contrary?

I want unknown seats tickets now I want 4 please (can be together?)

Sorry I always forgot login XDD

It's meiling_arashi but i can't loggin don't know why...
Ok and do you have a credit card? If you do, you can try to buy tickets by yourself but i still can help you with language or other...

Ok I can pay for PayPal but you know how much it is?

So sorry I always forgot login u_u

So do u want me to buy tickets for you?

Yes I want... is possible??
How much it will cost?

The cheapest tickets (4 seats together) for Fukuoka 17/12 cost 40k yen (1 ticket, 160k yen = 4 tickets) without any fees. Is it ok for you?

So, just the amounts of 5% of PayPal, 5% of the tickets page and the sending to our address in Japan are left, right? Do we owe you any amount of money to you?

Yes, you're totally righr for the fees.

Ok so I want it!
I can pay n_n 4 tickets together
Thanks and when I have to pay?

Where and when I have to pay?
Will you send me a invoice?

Where and when I have to pay?
Will you send me a invoice?

I've just sent you a PM.

(Deleted comment)
Do you want 3 or 4 tickets?

Hi! Could u help me to get either 26/27 seconds Tokyo dome. Unknown seats will be alright! Just 1 ticket

Re: Tokyo dome

Its still smellybread here. I saw this in the website and i want to purchase it but i dont know how to sign up. Could u help me to purchase or teach me? Thanks!!! :D

RE: Re: Tokyo dome

Hi it's meiling_arashi but i can't loggin don't know why...
Yes i can teach how to sign up ^^

yeah! do you have time now to teach me?

for the sign up, you need to have a japan address is it?

Hi i sent you a message.

Hi! I want a ticket for Nov 13 concert, please send me a PM.

Hi there! I've just sent you a PM.

Hi! I would like to try out buying tickets for the concert on Noveber 26th or 27th in Osaka. Please help me! I have a few questions too. Please let me know where I can exchange contact with you.

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi there! I've just sent you a PM. ^^

Hi there! Was thinking to get help to get 17th Dec Hakata ticket, but what is involved? I've tried getting it myself, but ran into some trouble with the credit card part. Would appreciate any help or info that can be offered.

Edited at 2015-11-21 10:25 am (UTC)

Hi there! I'm really sorry for the late reply but there was a problem with my LJ account... So you already have a account on, right?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do have an account on the site, but credit payment keeps failing on me, so wondering if you may know why?

Or if that remains unresolved, whether you can help me get the ticket, and the logistics of that. Thanks in advance.

sry to in the same situation. I heard that since the 2nd week of Nov, it appears that they banned foreign credit cards payment...that's probably why we can't use it anymore...

very bad news... have you already bought on this website?

not yet, it failed when i try yesterday.

Hi there! I still can help you to buy a ticket if you want.
I'm going to send you a PM.

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