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I think everyone has heard the news about the new ballot system for tickets.
This system aims to minimize the resale and black market. On this point, I fully agree, as the FC members will have more chance to go to a concert.
But for us foreign fans, it closes all doors. It was difficult enough to buy a ticket when you do not live in Japan, but now, it is clearly impossible. If Johnny's continues this way, it will no longer be possible to attend a concert. And why Johnny's stopped the ticket system with international fans? It was a very good idea that should continue and be enhanced.
Moreover, Japanese fans have the chance to ballot, foreign fans can't, and we already spend a lot of money for the plane ticket for the concert and for the hotel.
All system disgusts me, fans living outside of Japan clearly worth nothing in the eyes of Johnny's. Attending a concert was a sort of consecration, having an opportunity to see his favorite band was like a reward, a kind of completion.
Now we get what? You can always spend money to buy the cds and dvds (besides our purchases do not count in the Oricon). Foreign fans already represented not much, but now, we are nothing for Johnny's.

If you want more details:

(Sorry for the mistakes but it is a literal translation)

What do you think of this?

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Hi! Well here is my own personal take - (thus, I may be very wrong about it all - this is just my opinion!)

I do feel that this makes it impossible for international non-FC fans to attend this next tour. It sucks for those of us who really want to watch their concerts; on the other hand, it also forces us not spend money buying tickets re-sold at exorbitant prices.

I think this is just a level up in a ticket system that already did nothing (full stop) for fans who do not reside in Japan and that showed a complete lack of sympathy or even consideration for international fans.

While I would want to think that they are doing this mostly to placate the domestic fan base and Japan resident FC members who were not able to attend the dome tour, I'm sure that there is a strong business motivation behind all the mechanics of the FC and balloting process - this latest step included. At the end of the day, JE is a business. Arashi themselves, while truly being lovable and no doubt genuinely caring about their fans, are also not giving of themselves without getting anything in return - and this is fine! (most adults - myself included - in this day and age generally do work for a salary). But I think it is also important for this fact to be acknowledged. They give their supporters happiness, yes, but sometimes we (myself included) forget that through our outpouring of love, support and solid purchasing and viewing power, we give them happiness as well apart from being the driving force behind their livelihood - they are entertainers by profession, after all.

I love the Arashi guys, really - and they are not less talented, or funny for this latest move - but do they really not want to do something more for their international fans who also go nuts whenever pre-selling opens for any of their releases? Can't they also push with their management to allow them to do something for international fans?

Again - this is just my very personal opinion. :)

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Thanks for giving your opinion! ^^
I can't understand the politic of JE. If they want to make more money, because as you said, it's a business after all, why they don't open FC for international fans? I think a lot of fans will be agree to pay 5000 (and after 4000Y each year) to be in the FC even if they don't live in Japan. Yes, Arashi guys could do something for us... Especially at the Miyagi shows, when Sho said that they happy the fans came from all over the world to Miyagi. He said it even in the live Music Station, and even the end of the concert.

this breaks my heart so much. I was planning on going to Japan next time whenever they announce another tour, but this makes me feel hopeless.
What I read from the comments is that many people were saying that maybe and just maybe this was going to be done only in "small" shows (they never do small shows but their next tour is going to be smaller than dome tours) because it's too troublesome to do this in dome shows. Do you guys think this is somwehat possible? I mean, they are planning on scanning every single person that enters the place, and in such a big place the dome is, that is not that easy to do.
Sorry for my bad english

First, thank you for your comment! ^^
I think the same too. It would be impossible to scan tickets of every fans for a dome (it's around 40 ~ 50 000 persons). It's too much. I really hope the new system will only work for the small venues but not for domes. I'm planning to go to see SMAP for their next tour so... It was already difficult enough (and very expensive) to get tickets. Crossed fingers ^^

Hopefully it is not true

According to my friend, the smaller event is only open for fan club member. I have one but using my friend name and add. The annual con will be open for application as usual. Don't worry.

RE: Hopefully it is not true

I really hope so ^^

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