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Preorder Arashi 2016 Waku Waku Tour Goods [CLOSED]
I'm taking preorders for the Arashi 2016 Waku Waku goods!!
Deadline: 20th of June
Prices don't included shipping fees from Japan to me and me to you.
You can't combine your Waku Waku goods with your Arashi Arena goods.
Only payment with Paypal is accepted.

Fill the form:
Goods you want:
(example: 1 pamphlet, 2 ohno uchiwa...)
Your paypal address:
Your country:

List of the goods:

- Clearfile (Arashi / Ohno / Sho / Aiba / Nino / Jun / Arashi + Johnny's West / Johnny's West): 11€
- Large clips (set of 2): 11€
- Gauze mini towel: 15€
- Omikuji (Fortune) keychain: 15€
- Pass case: 20€
- Shoulder tote bag: 22€

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Sorry, I saw your message just now and yes, the preorders for the waku goods are closed. Sorry again...

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