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Preorder Arashi JAPONISM Tour Goods CLOSED
I'm taking for the Arashi Japonism goods!!
Deadline: 13 November
Prices don't included shipping fees from Japan to me and me to you.
You can combine your Japonism goods with the Kanjani goods.
Only payment with Paypal is accepted.
For pictures:*1

List of the goods:

  • Sticker: 6€

  • Group mini uchiwa (there is not members mini uchiwa this year...): 7€

  • Money envelope (5 colors): 7€

  • Clear File (group+5 members): 9€

  • Jumbo uchiwa (5 members): 11€

  • Poster (group+5 members): 13€

  • Decorative tape (5 colors, Nagoya = Blue): 13€

  • Furoshiki Wrapping cloth: 13€

  • Strap Pouch (2 types: small and big ones): 19€

  • 2016 Calendar: 20€

  • Blanket: 22€

  • Shopping bag: 22€

  • Pamphlet (92 pages): 26€

  • Penlight: 27€

  • Tshirt: 32€

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Hi Kyoticle! ^^

No, you can buy the 5 colors of the masking tape if you want! ^^
I should receive the goods around december so maybe...


okay thats great, like a week or two into the new year doesn't bother me that much anyway :) !

I'm going to order with you again, I will think about which goods to get for the next two days orz (decision + money problems XD)

ahhh still can't decide, for now I'll go with

1x Pamphlet
1x Calendar
1x Pouch

Might add soething the next days, but for now just these ;A;

Hi there! I've just sent you a PM ^^

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