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Preorder Arashi JAPONISM ARENA Tour Goods [CLOSED]
I'm taking for the Arashi Japonism Arena goods!!
Deadline: 15 May
Prices don't included shipping fees from Japan to me and me to you.
You can combine your Japonism goods with the Waku Waku goods and the Arashi photos shop.
Only payment with Paypal is accepted.

Fill the form:
Goods you want:
(example: 1 pamphlet, 2 ohno uchiwa...)
Your paypal address:
Your country:

List of the goods:

- Pamphlet: 28€
- Clearfile (group): 10€
- Jumbo Uchiwa (5 members): 11€
- Washcloth: 11€
- Coaster Set: 14€
- Folding Fan: 19€
- Shopping Bag: 26€
- Penlight: 27€ (same as the penlight 2015)
- T-shirt: 33€

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Je reviens vers toi une nouvelle fois pour une commande :D
Je voudrais :
- 1 tshirt (33€)
- 1 washcloth (11€)

Je peux payer par paypal sans problème si tu préfères


Contente de te retrouver! ^^
C'est noté!
Pour le moyen de paiement, c'est vraiment comme tu veux! ^^
Si tu veux payer par paypal, est-ce que tu pourras me dire ton adresse paypal par message privé?

Bonne journée~


You can put me down for these:
1 clearfile group 10€
1 folding fan 19€

Hi there!

Thank you for your order!
Could you remember me your paypal address via PM?


Hi! There's still time for the preorder?
If yes, I'd like to order the following item:
- Pamphlet: 28€
- Folding Fan: 19€

Since it's the second time I buy from you, do you still have my paypal address? or should I send a pm with it?

Hi there!

Yes, you still have time for the preorder ^^
I surely have your paypal address somewhere, but if you can remember me your address... ^^' So please, send me a PM!


I sent a PM with my paypal address ^^

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