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[CLOSED] Preorder Arashi ARE YOU HAPPY? Tour Goods
I'm taking orders for the "Are you happy?" tour goods.
Deadline: 15th of November
Prices don't included shipping fees from Japan to me and me to you.
You can combine your "Are you happy" goods with the Arashi photos shop.
Only payment with Paypal is accepted.
Previews here:

Fill the form:
Goods you want:

(example: 1 pamphlet, 2 Ohno uchiwa...)
Your paypal address:
Your country:

List of the goods:
- Pamphlet: 28€
- Uchiwa (5 members): 11€
- Photo Set (Group&5 members): 11€
- Shopping bag: 25€
- Parka / Hoodie: 52€
- Pouch: 18€
- Schedule Book: 18€
- Mini uchiwa: 8€
- Poster (Group&5 members): 14€
- Clear File (Group&5 members): 10€
- Penlight: 29€
- T-shirt: 33€
- FC Newsletter folder: 17€
- Multipurpose cloth: 8€
- Badge set (Venue exclusive item/Osaka): 11€
- Badge set (Others venues): 13€
- Sticket set: 7€

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Great!!! Was waiting for this ;)
I'd like to order pouch, pamphlet and SCHEDULE book with you.

Do you think it's possible again to get everything before new year :) like last time I would like to make maximum use out of the calendar book!

I'll add the multiuse cloth! :)

Hello Kyoticle!

Thank you for making a preorder with me (again). ^^
Shipping will start from mid-december so...
But it's possible if the postman is fast ^^'

I'll send you a PM if it's ok for you!

Sounds good :) thanks!
Of course please pm me :)

(Screened comment)
Hello Chrissy!

Thank you for making a preorder with me (again). ^^
As for the parka, I read that it's ok for the M person but maybe a little short for a L person. But it's still an one size.
If I have more info about this, I'll tell you. ^^

If it's ok, I'll send you a PM.



Ah, I guess M might be a bit short for me. It would be cool, if you'd be able to get info about the exact sizes.
But nonetheless, I will still order it. ^_^

Thank you!

Hi! Ok, I'm gonna send you a PM then ^^

(Screened comment)
I've just sent you a PM. ^^

where will u be shipping it from?

Hi! I was wondering, do you have a rough idea how much it would be for one group poster shipped to me in Belgium?

Hi there! I know for one poster from me to you it will cost: 12,15€ plus the shipping fees from Japan to me. It also depends on how many posters will be ordered.

Salut c'est encore moi ^^
Pour cette fois ci je vais prendre :
- 1 tshirt
- 1 hoodie

Merci :)

Contente de te revoir ^^
Je viens de t'envoyer un message privé. ^^

(Screened comment)
Hi there! I've just sent you an invoice via Paypal.

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