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Hi, I'm interested in getting the waku waku clear files (all of them), as well as all the shop photos. Hmm the red and purple Japonism masking tapes too. I'm from Singapore though, and I hope the shipping fees wouldn't be too expensive... :X

Edited at 2016-12-01 01:05 pm (UTC)

Hi there!
I've made a little mistake about the waku waku clear files, there are the group, Ohno, Aiba and Nino ones, not Jun.
As for the shop photos, I have 3 photos of the one with the white background and one for the other.
Do you want a trackable shipping?

I'm interested in the NEWS bag and one pair of slippers. :) Shipping would be to Germany.

Hi there!

Thank you for your interest ^^
First, do you want a trackable shipping or not?

Okay, once more here ^^ (I accidentally commented on your je-sales post, instead of here.
I am interested in:
- Masking tape (purple): 8€ x1
- Stickers (Arafes): 5€ x1
- Mascot Strap (24h TV): 5€ x1

I'm living in Austra by the way. How much would the shipping be?

Hi there!

Thank you for your interest! ^^
First, do you want a trackable shipping or not?

Hi, I'm interested in the Miyagi Blast Shopping Bag and the Arashi shop photo. I'm located in Australia, can you please advise how much shipping would be?

Hi there!

Here the shipping fees:
- Normal shipping (without a tracking number): 11€
- Trackable shipping: 14€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 23€

Hi, I'm interested in - Bag Kat-tun (New Year 2014)
How much is shipping to Belgium? :)

Hi! About the shipping fees to Belgium: (Without/With a cardboard)

- Normal shipping (without a tracking number): 7€ / 10€
- Trackable shipping: 10€ / 13€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 14€

Tell me your choice ^^

Hey can I buy the AYH hoodie? I'm from Australia ^^


Shipping fees to Australia: 23€ (Colissimo like EMS).

Are you ok with that?

Hi! I'd like to buy the "Are you happy?" shopping bag. How much is the shipping fee to Russia?

Hi there!

Here the shipping fees for Russia:
- Economic way: 6,80€
- Trackable shipping: 9,90€
- Colissimo (like EMS): 23,70€

Tell me your choice! ^^

Hi! Are you still interested in the bag?

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